Monday, April 23, 2012

Diets that worked for you??? Struggeling to lose some weight after baby...any suggestions?

I had a baby 7 months ago and have lost a fair bit by excercising and trying to eat healthy but not as much as i would like to lose.

I know that excercising and eating right are paramount for healthly weight loss but with an active 7 month old, cooking, cleaning etc i dont get much time to excercise and its hard for me to get somone to baby sit for a couple of hours.

What diets have you tried that have helped you lose weight? I am no more breast feeding.

Any tips would help too thanks.

Answer on Diets that worked for you??? Struggeling to lose some weight after baby...any suggestions?

Honey, of course you know to watch your intake on certain things on a regular basis just to keep your weight at a "normal" level. When you shop, look at a couple of the ingredients in foods when you're buying them. ie. sugar should be around 5 mg/%, fats should be NO higher than 7 mg/% & of course watch your cholesterol intake & keep that as low as possible. I've learned a LOT of yrs. ago to eat off of a "luncheon plate" as apposed to a "dinner plate". This I've automatically formed a habit of doing. You CAN "fill" your "luncheon plate" that always looks FULL, but you're eating no where what you would had you used a "dinner plate". When I go anywhere to eat out, I never know how full to fill my plate as I'm so use to eating from a smaller plate & usually end up with too much food & can't finish it. But, you'd be surprised the difference in the amt. of food between just the two plates! When I had my 3 children there were only 3 exercises I did. These I usually did while watching TV as I'm going to be no doubt "sitting" anyway, so might as well make it worth while. I worked it up to where I was doing 100 sit ups/crunches a day. I also stood, feet slightly parted, arms straight out to my side, & just "swung" the "top" of my body around thus "whittling down" my waist. The last one I did was to sit on the floor legs spread fairly far apart, taking my left arm & touched my toes on my right foot. Then did it on the opposite side. I forget how many of them I did, but they are easy to do & while watching TV, it didn't feel like I was "working out"! ALL of these 3 exercises worked on my stomach & waist areas & honestly in no time I had "whittled away" literally inches off. After I had my first baby who now is 52, I gained 60 some lbs.! I wore a size 20 dress!!! In no time I was back in my size 10s again. So this proves it DOES WORK & didn't take that long a period of time. I was young when I had my first two, just turned 20 with my first, then 16 mons. later had my second. I didn't gain near the weight I did the first time tho even tho he was a larger baby. My last one I had 7 yrs. later, I gained the least amt. of weight but he was 9# 3 oz. 22" long! I'm 5-4 & wore a size 10 dress & have ever since. I also nursed all 3 of my children until they could drink whole milk. I feel if you just do these few things, you'll find you're soon back to your normal size again. Best to you, honey...:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am going to Italy this summer by car. Has anyone travelled to Rome, and could you give me any tips?!?

Idea's on where to stay?
Nice places to visit around Italy?

Answer on I am going to Italy this summer by car. Has anyone travelled to Rome, and could you give me any tips?!?

Driving in most big Italian cities can be nerve racking but I think Rome is not worth the trouble unless you have no choice. I think park and ride in is the answer because apart from the traffic there are local laws that you will not know about. You could end up with fines arriving at your door after 2 months, It happens believe me! When driving in Italy drive like Italians then the other drivers won't get confused, being too polite can cause accidents because they don't expect it.

Italy is a great place, I prefer the central/south regions (not Rome) but everyone has there own idea's. Some places I like are: Pisa, Florence, Largo Trasimeno, Assisi, Pompeii, Almalfi, Positano, Naples(by car ????) all of the Puglia region.

Try this web site for cheap BB,

At present petrol is €1.40 litre and on the motorway you pay.In the past you could get cheaper tokens for both at the border but I'm not sure of the situation now.

Italians on the whole are very nice people, they will try there best to make you welcome. Have fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is he trying to make me jealous?

When we r mad at each other he hangs out with these girls he knows i hate, but when he looks at me he looks sad. How do i know if hes trying to make me jealous?
P.S. i dont know if this helps but he says i try to make him jealous

Answer on Is he trying to make me jealous?

I think so.
If he looks back at you while hanging out with those girls, it's obvious he wants to look at your reaction. And maybe he has a sad expression on his face because he might realize that it may be hurting you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Considering going vegetarian. Getting started?

I'm honestly just debating it at this point. In my family, meat is common so avoiding it is going to be hard.
If I do go vegetarian it would just be meat that I don't eat. I will still consume dairy, etc.
So, I have a couple questions for anyone willing to help out!
1) I'm in high school. What are good foods to bring along for lunch that don't require a lot of preparation or heating up?
2) How do I get protein? How do I know if I'm getting enough protein?
3) Should I see my doctor about making a transition to make sure I'm healthy enough?
4) I am a competitive equestrian and need my energy. Its a very active sport like soccer or softball. Will this change in diet affect that in any way?
5) Where is the best place to get vegetarian foods?
Answer as many as you can!
Thank you so much :)

Answer on Considering going vegetarian. Getting started?

Sandwiches: Try peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and banana, different types of cheese, "Quorn" type cold "meats".
Greek salad: salad leaves, olives, feta. Add some chunky bread to bulk it out.
Pasta salad: Cook the pasta the night before, only takes ten minutes then add whatever veg you like to it.
Pitta pockets stuffed with: Greek salad, hummous or guacamole and vegetables, leftover rice and veg, cream cheese and mixed veg, beans and rice (quite quick to cook the night before and good cold).

Protein generally isn't a problem. Wholegrains like wholegrain rice and pasta and bread all have protein, so do nuts and seeds, beans and lentils, tofu, tempeh and other "fake" meat type stuff. You could join which is free and input what you eat on a daily basis it will tell you how much protein you are getting.

Its not normally necessary to see a doctor unless you have specific health concerns.

No, your energy levels will not change unless you eat badly. Many people report more energy when they give up meats.

The cheapest place that offers good variety is the supermarket, but health food stores are very good for staples like rice, pasta and beans.

Some other a book on veggie nutrition "The New Becoming Vegetarian" is a good one. Join a forum for support from other veggies. And read about LOTS of veg stuff online, for information, inspiration and motivation!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My 1st poll of the day! More than 10 answers AT LEAST! Questions below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

New thing for my poles: I have themes, (i will do these polls everyday maybe 2+) They will be themes for the questions. Today's theme is: Singers/ Bands/ Actors/Actresses

1. eminem or drake?
2. Rhianna or mariah carrey?
3. beyonce or leona lewis?
4. paramore or _____________ (you pick the other)?
5. Robert pattinson or Taylor lautner?
6. Mike Posner or Enrique Iglesias? (If you dont know either, info and song below)
7. Jay-Z or ludacris?
8. Justin Timberlake or ____________ (once again you pick)
9. Ne-yo or Sean Kingston?
10. Alice or Rosalie? (the person in twilight, not the real actress)

My answers:
1. eminem
2. mariah carrey
3. beyonce
4. paramore
5. robert pattinson (not because hes cuter, because he is most definitely not)
6. mike posner
7. ludacris
8. justin timberlake
9. sean kingston
10. alice

Mike posner:…

Enrique Iglesias:…

Answer on My 1st poll of the day! More than 10 answers AT LEAST! Questions below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

1. Eminem
2. Rhianna
3. Beyonce OBVIOUSLY!!!
4. Paramore
5. Taylor Lautner.... BABE
6. Enrique... again BABE.
7. jay Z
8. Justin
9 Ne yo
10/ Alice... Rosalie is a *****

How do you report someone as a fake profile on facebok?

Someone on facebook is pretending to be Selena Gomez, I tried to report her but it doesn't show the ''report as fake profile'' anymore. What do I do?

Answer on How do you report someone as a fake profile on facebok?

go to report abuse and its there if not search it in the help :) <3 <3 i hatee fakeee profillessss itsss likee please whyy? :P <3 <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trying to diet and exercise?

I'm 15 and my BMI says I'm a little overweight, I don't look it but I could do with losing some fat from my stomach and legs which I'm trying to gradually get into doing. I've told my mum that I'm trying to diet so that I'll be happy with myself by my holiday in September. She said it was great that I was so dedicated to doing it, however, she won't buy any fruit or healthy food. She buys junk food, like chocolate and crisps and I don't have the best will power so I always give into my temptations.

She buys this sort of food for my brother, who can eat and eat and not put on any weight. Unfortunately it isn't like that for me, how can I tell her that I don't want her buying any more junk food without upsetting my brother? I really don't want to ruin all the exercise I've done and I want to have changed by September.

Also, if I exercise every day, 5 days a week (cutting out weekends for rest.) for about 10 minutes (10 minute DVD workout.) will I lose weight by september? Any tips on what else I can do? I'm a self concious person so I won't go to the gym or go running outside.

Answer on Trying to diet and exercise?

I'd have to agree, up the cardio to more than 10 minutes a day. If you're having trouble with that, find some activity that you enjoy. I dance Salsa and I really don't feel like I'm working out, but I'm burning off calories.